A Day Filled With Sprinkles!!!

Let’s be honest, its kinda hard to have a bad day when someone gives you a cupcake. Theres something about sweets that make you feel happy and like the world is okay for now. I think that is one of the reasons why I’m so damn addicted to sweets.

I didn’t have anything to do today so I ended up going to The Grove to do some window shopping. I had one thing in mind that I did want to buy from Sephora and I actually did. Now let me say, I was not having a bad day but I was a little down because I didnt have anything to do but lay in the bed until Terrance got off of work.

While I was at The Grove, my friend Kevin texted me asking me if I was in the area. He works at Sprinkles and I love it when he’s working and I’m there at the same time because that means I get free Sprinkles.

He told me to stop by to pick up some goodies and I rushed there with Terrance. When I got there, There was this new cupcake that I had not seen before. It was a season cupcake and OH GOD, it looked like heaven. It was a lemon maurine pie cup cake. I asked him If I could get that one and he looked at me as if it was not good. I didn’t care. it looked to good to not try.

20170426_164409.jpgAs we walked off with the box of sprinkles, we thanked him as if he had given us the keys to a brand new Tesla. We went towards the farmer’s market area and took a seat and there I went, face in to the beautiful sprinkle cupcake.

IMG_0688.jpgIt was by far a new taste like no other.

There was also some writing on the box that I had noticed before we opened it up.

20170426_165706.jpgI thought it was so sweet for Kevin to write us that note. Kevin is a really nice and friendly person and I am so glad that we are his friends. So yeah, Thats my story about some awesome cupcakes.

Have you had Sprinkle’s cupcakes before? Which one is your favorite?



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