Gucci Cruise 2018 fashion show at Palatina Gallery in Florence, Italy

There are a lot of trends that come and go and some that last for ever. Gucci presents their cruise collection with nothing but the classics that makes us remember why we love Gucci.

Amongst having their cruise collection, it wouldn’t be extraordinary if it wasn’t in a unique place and Palatina Gallery at Pitti Palace could not have been more appropriate.

The attendees were not only given the fashion show, but also a tour of the gallery. The show was also a part of the multi-faceted cultural project that will help to restore, preserve and improve the Boboli Gardens. Dating back to the 16th century, the gardens are being preserved for future generations and house a “unique ecosystem” of flora and fauna that were brought to Tuscany from various corners of the globe, centuries ago.

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Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci, says: “This collaboration represents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and sustain Florence’s cultural splendour and I would like to thank all the institutions that are involved. Gucci is a global brand with strong roots in Florence. The success we have achieved in recent years through the vision of our Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, is reliant upon the skills, spirit of innovation, passion and abilities of the craftspeople and everyone else who works for the brand in Florence and the surrounding area.” Bizzarri continued, “following the presentation of the last two Cruise collections, in the art district of New York in 2015 and in the cloisters at London’s Westminster Abbey in 2016, staging the next Cruise collection show in the heart of Florence has special meaning, particularly as Alessandro is constantly inspired by the city’s Renaissance masterpieces.”

Although the the show was a hit, there was a striking outfit that had many people outraged. Did Gucci Rip Off Dapper Dan?

Did Gucci Rip Off Dapper Dan?

Luxury Brands did not want anything to do with rap culture thus, closing its doors on the  now multi billion dollar market just to turn around decades later and copy the same style from the so called undesirables.

Dapper Dan was the hero to go to if you were P. Diddy and other influential 90’s rapers that wanted custom luxury items because Louis Vuitton and Gucci wouldn’t work with you. Dapper Dan  mastered the screen printing art and would make Louis button and other monographic designs in order too cater to his clients. Unfortunately he was shut down due to a few major luxury brand came after him for copyright infringement.

But look how the tables have turned!

This Monday Gucci held their fashion show for their cruise collection and it featured monogram shirts and bags and this tribute to Dapper Dan. Gucci Cruise 2018 fashion show at Palatina Gallery in Florence, ItalyGUC0657-683x1024.jpg

The sad irony is that he was shut down for copyright infringement and then decades later the same people come right back behind him and steal his designs without crediting him.

Essence writer Julee Wilson put it like this: “Beyond plagiarizing—which is huge issue by itself—there is also the problem of cultural appropriation. Black culture (along with other ethnic cultures) is continually pillaged by the fashion and beauty industries without receiving its proper recognition.”

The fact that brands are now copying his work hasn’t been lost on Dapper Dan himself, who told Vice in 2014: “The real impact hasn’t hit yet until all the young people know. When all the young people know, then I’ll feel like, “OK, y’all thought we couldn’t do this, and now y’all are copying me…” I pick up the paper and I think, Oh, God, if I was white…”



Do you think they should have credited Dapper Dan? Could this be a possible collaboration in the works?

How To Look Like Money Without Breaking The Bank!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m going to be brutally honest with you, Michael Kors is so overrated. Everybody and their mom’s mom walk around with those things and Louis Vuitton is right along with them. In today’s society, you have to look like money, without trying. If your caught trying, your look like a wannabe and could be potentially embarrassed. Im talking about those people that walk around with “high quality replicas.” Thats the most disrespectful thing you can do to not only the designer, but your integrity. Your basically saying that your not worth such luxurious things.

There are three things I say are needed to make you look like money and that is quality, the usage of the product, and the way it make you feel. You can buy an expensive hand bag and it can be of low quality. And you can find something for a lower price and the quality is really nice. Its all about bargain shopping.  As for the usage of the product, you do not want to be wearing something that everyone in your friends circle have. There are a few exceptions to this rule but if you catch your self shopping at the grove, and you see more than three people wearing that same monogram Louis Vuitton that you have on your shoulder, you have to ditch that one and find another bag. Last but not least is the way the product make you feel. If your going to spend your hard worked money on something, make sure that it make you feel like a million bucks. When I wear my makeup, I feel like I can conquer the day.


My Unrequited Love

I have never seen a Birkin in real life but ever since Charles Gross introduced it to me, I have been in love.

Have you ever had that feeling when ever you go to a luxury boutique store and you feel like you need to walk right out because you cant afford a damn thing in there? Thats me every time I walk into Cartier, Loubiton, or Barney’s. Sometimes the sales associates are rude to you as well and I end up getting really nervous and my anxiety begins to come and I just have to run out of the store immediately.

I have yet to walk inside an Hermes Boutique. I decided not to go inside until I am of stature. I do not want to spoil it. But My love for the birkin is real I cant even explain it. Well, I can explain it because Im a blogger.

The Birkin is like the golden ticket into a better life style. An exclusive entrance to any and everything you ever wanted. The detail and the time that people take to make this wonderful bag is just so inspiring and it make me love it more. The real reason why I really love this type of handbag is because you do not see everyone wearing the bag. I hate a bag that I see everyone wearing. Id rather wear a trash bag.

When I am able to afford a Birkin I would love to get it in Red, Orange, and Taupe. Maybe brown too. Of course I’m not sure If I would love it as much when I eventually go and see its in person. I went to go see one of Louis Vutton Cupercine bags that he only made three of and I was disappointed. I was looking at it online and in person it looked like  a grand ma purse to me and that turned me off.

Charles Gross, you are the one to blame for  my Birkin Addiction and I thank you so much. Cant wait to get my hands on one of those!

Do you have a handbag that you are in love with? Let me know in the comments!

Three Essential Steps Needed for Great Skin

Nice and healthy skin can be hard to accomplish but when it is done, the hard work and dedication is something that you would be glad you put yourself through. 

No matter if you have oily, normal or a dry skin type, these are the most universal tips in the beauty industry that it should be a sin for being this simple.

1. Cleanser

Your face can get really dirty after a long day of being outside and the last thing you want to do is go to sleep. You need to wash your face off. A good cleanser will clean out them pours so they’re ready to take on the next day. Without cleaning your face, that can cause your pours to hold oil and dirt and then create break outs and unwanted pimples. and NOBODY wants that! Here are some cleansers I recommend at an affordable range.

Shea Moisture Black Soap

2271836This soap is more for oily skin because it strips your skin quite vigorously. But, it also gives you an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins A and E .It’s also good for  thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps and eliminating blemishes. It is also used to lightly exfoliate and give you healthier looking skin

Clinique Liquid Soap Cleanser

947270I swear by this cleanser. I first tried this out at bloomingdales and I instantly fell in love with it. It is more for normal to dry skin and it literally feels like velvet on your face. Its a simple cleanser and it helps moisturize your face.

2. Toner

Toner is very important because it goes back behind the cleanser and get all the left over dirt that the cleanser had got to come out to the surface. I typically have not found a toner that I truly love but there are many at the local drug store that you can pick up. It is an important step but I have found that you can use any brand and will still get you “ok” results. I use the Clean and Clear toner and it works pretty well.

3. Moisturizer

clq_Z56H01_402x464.pngThis is my favorite part when it comes to simple skin care. This is also the part in the routine where I think you should spend a little money for great quality. I do not recommend going to the drug store and getting a moisturizer. And please do not use regular body lotion. I used to do that and my face is still recovering. I suggest using Clinique basic moisturizer. Its not explensive but at the same time, I can get Terrance and I a meal from Chick-Fil-A or something.

So now that you have the three essential steps to skin care, you should be ready to take your skin to the next level. There are so many other things that you can do to your face to make it the best that it should be, but we can talk about that another time.



Half Year’s Resolution: Let’s Turn 2017 Around!!!

As always, I will be honest with you. I thought that 2017 was going to be my year, and I’m not totally wrong. I got to do one of the major things I wanted to do this year and that was to move out of Atlanta. So now Im out of Atlanta and trying to build myself here in Los Angeles.

But wait, Its already April!

Who gives a shit. The second half of 2017 is about to start and I say if you have not yet been true to your resolutions, then heres a second chance to make it better. Since I’ve moved from Atlanta, I have lost all sort of discipline. I don’t exercise any more and I eat the most horrible things. But thats going to change soon.

Are you looking forward for the next half of 2017?? What are your Half Year’s Resolution?

Shopping On A Budget: Groceries

shopping-cart-full-of-groceriesTerrance gives me $20 this morning and told me to get some groceries.

In my head Im thinking that I would not be able to get anything with $20. I sit back and I just continue filling out my job application to Sephora. This is not the first time I had to go grocery shopping with $20. In fact, I remember when my mother use to give me that same amount of money to go get some food that can last for two days and feed seven people. Of course back then I was a little more consious of spending cause it wasn’t my money and if I had spent more than what was said, I was in for a hard talking to.

So why is it so difficult to shop with $20 now?

Well, lest not forget the fact that I am in a whole different state and even when I was living in New York, grocery shopping there was totally impossible with even $100. I have also lost my damn mind when it comes to spending money, so Terrance has to step in time to time to limit my spending habits. But I wanted today to be different.

So, my goal was to spend $15 of the money that he had given me for groceries and also get enough food that could last for at least a week; because I don’t get paid until Friday. My conclusion, Sandwiches, BAM! It sucks because we won’t necessarily have breakfast or dinner food but hey sandwiches are ok.

Now I though I was going to spend the whole $15 on just sandwiches I actually spent like a little under $11 for that stuff. Unfortunately, I had a big problem with choosing which cheese I wanted to purchase that had a good quality case with the biggest savings point. We usually get the Kraft American Cheese slices, however, that was going for $4.49 and that was just too much for one pack of cheese. They did have a 2 for $5 deal but that would be too much cheese for just one week. I look on the left and I see a church by another company that was $2.75 and Velveta cheese slices for $3.99. I wanted to get the cheaper one but I had never heard of the company before and was afraid that it would be one of those plastic cheeses that take 20 minutes to melt in the microwave. The other cheese, Velveta looked good and I know them because of their awesome and cheesy macaroni & cheese. But it was $3.99. I ended up getting the cheaper cheese and honestly, I would have to wait to see what Terrance would think of it. He is really picky when it comes to cheese and everything else. But I have a feeling that the cheese would be ok.

I because I was under the $15 threshold I decided to get some noodles that was on a cool sale. It was 4 for $.99 and I was not going to turn that down. Because I was still under budget I treated my self with some candy.


I ended up spending $16.82. Yes the candy took me over budget but it went much.