My Unrequited Love

I have never seen a Birkin in real life but ever since Charles Gross introduced it to me, I have been in love.

Have you ever had that feeling when ever you go to a luxury boutique store and you feel like you need to walk right out because you cant afford a damn thing in there? Thats me every time I walk into Cartier, Loubiton, or Barney’s. Sometimes the sales associates are rude to you as well and I end up getting really nervous and my anxiety begins to come and I just have to run out of the store immediately.

I have yet to walk inside an Hermes Boutique. I decided not to go inside until I am of stature. I do not want to spoil it. But My love for the birkin is real I cant even explain it. Well, I can explain it because Im a blogger.

The Birkin is like the golden ticket into a better life style. An exclusive entrance to any and everything you ever wanted. The detail and the time that people take to make this wonderful bag is just so inspiring and it make me love it more. The real reason why I really love this type of handbag is because you do not see everyone wearing the bag. I hate a bag that I see everyone wearing. Id rather wear a trash bag.

When I am able to afford a Birkin I would love to get it in Red, Orange, and Taupe. Maybe brown too. Of course I’m not sure If I would love it as much when I eventually go and see its in person. I went to go see one of Louis Vutton Cupercine bags that he only made three of and I was disappointed. I was looking at it online and in person it looked like  a grand ma purse to me and that turned me off.

Charles Gross, you are the one to blame for  my Birkin Addiction and I thank you so much. Cant wait to get my hands on one of those!

Do you have a handbag that you are in love with? Let me know in the comments!


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