Shopping On A Budget: Groceries

shopping-cart-full-of-groceriesTerrance gives me $20 this morning and told me to get some groceries.

In my head Im thinking that I would not be able to get anything with $20. I sit back and I just continue filling out my job application to Sephora. This is not the first time I had to go grocery shopping with $20. In fact, I remember when my mother use to give me that same amount of money to go get some food that can last for two days and feed seven people. Of course back then I was a little more consious of spending cause it wasn’t my money and if I had spent more than what was said, I was in for a hard talking to.

So why is it so difficult to shop with $20 now?

Well, lest not forget the fact that I am in a whole different state and even when I was living in New York, grocery shopping there was totally impossible with even $100. I have also lost my damn mind when it comes to spending money, so Terrance has to step in time to time to limit my spending habits. But I wanted today to be different.

So, my goal was to spend $15 of the money that he had given me for groceries and also get enough food that could last for at least a week; because I don’t get paid until Friday. My conclusion, Sandwiches, BAM! It sucks because we won’t necessarily have breakfast or dinner food but hey sandwiches are ok.

Now I though I was going to spend the whole $15 on just sandwiches I actually spent like a little under $11 for that stuff. Unfortunately, I had a big problem with choosing which cheese I wanted to purchase that had a good quality case with the biggest savings point. We usually get the Kraft American Cheese slices, however, that was going for $4.49 and that was just too much for one pack of cheese. They did have a 2 for $5 deal but that would be too much cheese for just one week. I look on the left and I see a church by another company that was $2.75 and Velveta cheese slices for $3.99. I wanted to get the cheaper one but I had never heard of the company before and was afraid that it would be one of those plastic cheeses that take 20 minutes to melt in the microwave. The other cheese, Velveta looked good and I know them because of their awesome and cheesy macaroni & cheese. But it was $3.99. I ended up getting the cheaper cheese and honestly, I would have to wait to see what Terrance would think of it. He is really picky when it comes to cheese and everything else. But I have a feeling that the cheese would be ok.

I because I was under the $15 threshold I decided to get some noodles that was on a cool sale. It was 4 for $.99 and I was not going to turn that down. Because I was still under budget I treated my self with some candy.


I ended up spending $16.82. Yes the candy took me over budget but it went much.



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