Did Gucci Rip Off Dapper Dan?

Luxury Brands did not want anything to do with rap culture thus, closing its doors on the  now multi billion dollar market just to turn around decades later and copy the same style from the so called undesirables.

Dapper Dan was the hero to go to if you were P. Diddy and other influential 90’s rapers that wanted custom luxury items because Louis Vuitton and Gucci wouldn’t work with you. Dapper Dan  mastered the screen printing art and would make Louis button and other monographic designs in order too cater to his clients. Unfortunately he was shut down due to a few major luxury brand came after him for copyright infringement.

But look how the tables have turned!

This Monday Gucci held their fashion show for their cruise collection and it featured monogram shirts and bags and this tribute to Dapper Dan. Gucci Cruise 2018 fashion show at Palatina Gallery in Florence, ItalyGUC0657-683x1024.jpg

The sad irony is that he was shut down for copyright infringement and then decades later the same people come right back behind him and steal his designs without crediting him.

Essence writer Julee Wilson put it like this: “Beyond plagiarizing—which is huge issue by itself—there is also the problem of cultural appropriation. Black culture (along with other ethnic cultures) is continually pillaged by the fashion and beauty industries without receiving its proper recognition.”

The fact that brands are now copying his work hasn’t been lost on Dapper Dan himself, who told Vice in 2014: “The real impact hasn’t hit yet until all the young people know. When all the young people know, then I’ll feel like, “OK, y’all thought we couldn’t do this, and now y’all are copying me…” I pick up the paper and I think, Oh, God, if I was white…”



Do you think they should have credited Dapper Dan? Could this be a possible collaboration in the works?


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