Worldnet Employee Hoodie: Fetch or Tired

As usual, I wake up in the Worldnetmorning and go straight to my computer and Google fashion news. What shows up is the Worldnet hoodie being used as the next red-hot item. Honestly, I can’t get down with this “maybe” soon to be a trend as of now. I mean when the DHL shirt was in turnt, I liked it but now it’s tired and soon will this fad. But I can see myself sporting the hoodie with my face on and some nice red bottoms.

The purpose of the hoodie is to show your knowledge of the fashion industry. Worldnet is a fashion company that delivers samples and other fabrics to different fashion houses. Only fashion insiders or fashion enthusiests know about this company. So, it’s more than just an item to wear.

They’ve become a bit of a casual Friday go-to for industry vets, including PRODn at Art + Commerce senior producer Steven Dam. “It’s a super-witty, smarter (and cheaper) version of the Vetements DHL T-shirt,” Dam explains by email. “Anyone who works in fashion knows Worldnet more than DHL.”


They are so exclusive that it is hard to even get your hands on them. They are currently out of stock as of now but if you manage to get you hands on one of them, you’re in the in-group!

Will you sport this on “casual Friday?”



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