Daily Skin Care Routine: How I Broke It and Fixed It All Over Again!

This is not a sponsored post! Unless you want it to be; in that case, email me!

I am the first person to stray away from an already set routine when it comes to anything. I tried not eating bread, failed. I tried exercising in the morning, failed. But when it comes to my face, I am not playing around!

When I moved to New York a couple months ago, I abandoned my skin care routine, and it was the worst thing that I could ever do. Before then, my skin care routine was simple but not ethical or even healthy. I would just use African Black Soap, which is not a bad thing to use, however, I wear makeup and I needed something stronger to break down the makeup. After that, I was using a moisturizer from Derma E which I received from them for a review, and honestly, it wasn’t a good moisturizer. It clogged up my pores and it still had my face feeling dry. When I moved to New York, there were so many things going on at the time and I just gradually stopped my skin care routine. I would have to rush out in the morning every day and that resulting in me just throwing water on my face and using body lotion to moisturize my face. Because it was winter in New York, My face was drier than a raisin and I hated it.

I then moved to LA and that when I started taking better care of my face.  I started with the THREE STEP CLEANSER from Clinique. My skin was super dry and the three step cleanser was the miracle I needed to get my skin back on track. I will be honest with you, I was not trying to spend a lot of money and my first place I went to for skin care solution was Kmart! Yes, I did, please don’t judge me! Because you’re probably asking yourself, why should I take advice from this dysfunctional person? Well, I’ll tell you why because Cliniques three step cleanser was what helped get my skin back together and it’s so simple that a monkey could do it. and the whole process only takes five minutes so, from the words of my loving and nagging boyfriend, stop being lazy and wash your damn face!


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