Vlone Black History Fashion Show In Paris: Collection Review

This weekend on Rue Cambon, there was a queue even bigger than the one outside Chanel. That probably hasn’t happened since Coco set up shop in 1910. The reason? The arrival in Paris of A$AP Bari’s clothing label, Vlone, on the Paris schedule.

If you have not heard of Vlone, then I think it is time for you to learn. Vlone is a young Harlem-born brand. Because this is its debut to Paris Fashion Week, this is a huge opportunity that could make or break the brand as a whole.Fortunately, the fashion show was streamed live on Tidal for those of us who were not lucky enough to attend the event.  Here are a couple looks from the collection.


The show was a little shambolic with music cutting in and out, tags sticking out of the leather pant, and clothes that needed a lot more editing. But nonetheless, the collection was nice and very dark. I have not yet seen price points for these items but, I believe that this collection is worth your money. This collection gets 3 1/2 stars!



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