Balmain SS18 Pour Les Hommes: Review


Balmain’s SS18 collection takes a turn for more western looks. In a recent Vogue article by Luke Leitch, Oliver Rousteing said that he believed that people believed that he was American. He stated the record clear saying that he loves his country of France and he has been really supportive during the recent presidential elections France. His designing westernized clothes for this collection was a pure poke at what people had thought of him and his nationality.

Nonetheless, the show was very French; with French music and French style clothing. My two favorite pieces were the Chanel inspired jacket that I absolutely have fallen in love with!looks_image-1833-BALMAIN_MEN_SS18_LOOK__070.jpgThis and the shirt that also had me head over heels in love!


And the other look that I’m obsessed with is the very low cut neckline shirt that Oliver wear almost all the time. I want this so bad!


Now the beginning of the show was good but it did not do justice for me. The black and white westernized clothes almost gave me cowbells memories back when I was living in Georgia. I never had to milk a cow but I saw some and these pants, it just turned me off.



I really like this collection and can see myself wearing almost every piece in this collection. The tricky part is where though. Nonetheless, Oliver has outdone himself yet again and he deserves all of the greatness to him because he is truly a talented designer. This collection gets a 4 1/2!