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Serving Looks At LA PRIDE!!!!

Saturday Night was turned up, to say the least! Terrance and I had so much fun. The only downside was that there was no weed and we paid $50 for watered down vodka!

It was our first time attending LA Pride ever since we moved to LA in March! and we did have higher expectations. I mean, the party was really going outside of the festival, but no one told me that because I have no friend out here! But here are some looks Terrance and I were serving at LA Pride Festival 2017!


HAT- Warner Bros Studios

Shades- Forever 21

Lip- Nyx Purple & Black

Chocker- Forever 21

Black V-Neck- Hanes19055475_2102434009983555_7800205046263041026_o


Never Waste Money On Drinks At A Festival

Unless you have friends that work at the bar in the festival and you’re able to get special discounts, then don’t attempt to drink when you’re at a festival! I was at LA Pride this weekend and I was ready to turn up. I didn’t pay for a ticket and I was given another ticket that was only good for coming in and not returning. Therefore, I had to chose rather to party inside or leave and party outside. At the time, I thought that the party was going on inside the festival but little did I know that the party was actually outside at the bars. I spent $50 on alcohol and did not get even tipsy!

You have to understand my frustration with this given the fact that I try to be really frugal with my money. I figured, yes drinks are going to be a lot more expensive at the festival, but, at least I’ll have a buzz! I was so fucking wrong! I basically paid $50 for watered down juice. 


I swear to God, I wanted to turn back around to the bartender and slap him right in his face. I wasted so much money for no reason at all. So, DOnt even waste your time trying to get drunk at a festival unless your privileged in any type of way that it would not be an expense for you!