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Ditch The Rainbow Hair And Go Black!

Black is the most common hair color in the world, and is due to a large amount of eumelanin. So why be so basic? Let me tell you why!

The most common in the world: Brown/black. Globally, both men and women with dark hair are most likely to be engaged by someone of the opposite sex, at 70 percent and 34 percent, respectively. In the U.S., women with brown/black hair have a 40 percent chance of being contacted by a male suitor, while men with brown/black hair have a 66 percent chance.

In my opinion, there is nothing more sexier than black hair. It personally took me a while to realize this but once I realized it it just changed my whole life. Us here at a Glamour Guys are all about doing the most when it comes to fashion but also knowing that simple is the most glamorous of all. Having blank canvases like hair actually brings out any other accessories or makeup and takes your look to a level that is untouchable.

Think fancy and chic. The most luxurious and glamorous people typically wear the same hairstyle or same color or style of clothes. Its then the handbag and the accessories that change everything. Check out some of these looks!

tumblr_oefm1cT6EO1up8ba4o1_500Beautiful                                         chicProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset       tumblr_ohfs4ff1841r9riiho1_500sexy                                  tumblr_od6nnar2rj1vfvmwko1_1280Have I convinced you to go black now?