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5 Fun and Affordable Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do!

Hey Glamour Guys, Today, we are introlducing a new writer to our blog who goes by the name, Gypsy. He is a really nice and energetic being and is very smart! Here is his debut post on Glamour Guys! Show him some love!

Are you new to LA? Or are you just stuck in a rut? These five destinations might be just what you need.



If you’re in the mood for a treat that’s out of this world or something a little on the darker side try Little Damage ice cream shop, Located in DTLA, one of the most diverse cities in America, Little Damage is a small family owned business that draws its inspiration from the rich cultural fabric that makes Los Angel

es special. If you’re thinking that this is just a boring old ice cream shop then you’re in for a real treat. Not only are their recipes handcrafted and slow churned but they also rotate their flavors seasonally. If you’re worried that you won’t remember your experience then stop by their free photo booth on your way out.


img_5735If sweets aren’t your style and nature is then why not hike up to the observatory located on the highest point of the Macarthur Park mountain range. Along the way, you can see the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood hills. There are lots of scenic views along the way and there’s even a park located in the valley just beneath the observatory.

If what you’re looking for is more on the romantic side of things. Then why not bring along a picnic basket and a bottle of wine to the plaza in front of the observatory.


tar-pitsIf you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous then stop by the Le Brea Tar Pits. They are located on ancient Tribal lands and they have an interesting museum. The museum is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about all that the site has uncovered from thousands of years buried away. From huge skeletons from the dinosaurs to fauna and flora from the Paleolithic to the last glacial era. The park is known for producing myriad mammal fossils dating from the last glacial period. While mammal fossils generate significant interest, other fossils, including fossilized insects and plants, and even pollen grains, are also valued. If you get thirsty while you’re there then why don’t you stop by any of the surrounding cafes for a bit of a Nash.


If what you’re into is cheap but extremely out of the box romance then I would take the trip to the Expo Park Rose Garden. This particular garden is interesting in and of itself however what makes it romantic is that it’s like wandering into a


garden straight out of an old-fashioned love story. If you’re one of those Brainy romantics then you and your date should really enjoy all of the museums that surround the rose garden. From the history museum to the museum of aviation. The rose garden has a little bit of something for everyone including some food for when youget hungry.


if you want an any occasion place to drink then try the. Located on the 71st floor of the US Bank building. It has a 360° view of the entire LA skyline. They have signature drinks in honor of the most popular LA destinations. However, they also have a semi-formal dress code but barring that the have very imaginative, high-end food at fast food prices. Open seating and you will be mesmerized by how beautiful the sunset looks from the 360° view.

My name is Gypsy and I hope that this list of must go places in LA most helpful in getting out of your funk or just exploring a new place.

Forever searching for the perfect margaritas



3 of the nation’s Best 4th of July Firework Shows

As the wonderful nation of the United States of America get ready to celebrate it 241st birthday, we will be showing you the top three cities that has the best fireworks displays that will bring out your patriotism ten-fold.

3. San Francisco, California


The fireworks show on the San Francisco Bay is complimented by some dramatic backdrops, such as the city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. The huge bay provides plenty great views of the fireworks, but one of the best views is from the water itself.

The fireworks are launched from a barge in front of Pier 39 and on the end of Municipal Pier.

2. Washington, DC


One of the most patriotic fireworks display in the nation right in the nation’s capital. According to The District tourist guide, about 700,000 people travel to the National Mall to watch the fireworks burst and boom in the night sky with the Washington monument and the U.S. Capitol in the background.

This is an all-day event for the city, with celebrations going on in just about every neighborhood and beginning with a parade down Constitution Avenue.

1. New York


Recognized as the nation’s largest Independence Day celebration, the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display attracts more than 3 million spectators live and over 10 million TV viewers, according to NBC’s website. This year is the celebration’s 41st anniversary and is the largest Macy’s fireworks display in more than a decade with 56,000 pyrotechnic effects.

Half Year’s Resolution: Let’s Turn 2017 Around!!!

As always, I will be honest with you. I thought that 2017 was going to be my year, and I’m not totally wrong. I got to do one of the major things I wanted to do this year and that was to move out of Atlanta. So now Im out of Atlanta and trying to build myself here in Los Angeles.

But wait, Its already April!

Who gives a shit. The second half of 2017 is about to start and I say if you have not yet been true to your resolutions, then heres a second chance to make it better. Since I’ve moved from Atlanta, I have lost all sort of discipline. I don’t exercise any more and I eat the most horrible things. But thats going to change soon.

Are you looking forward for the next half of 2017?? What are your Half Year’s Resolution?

A Day Filled With Sprinkles!!!

Let’s be honest, its kinda hard to have a bad day when someone gives you a cupcake. Theres something about sweets that make you feel happy and like the world is okay for now. I think that is one of the reasons why I’m so damn addicted to sweets.

I didn’t have anything to do today so I ended up going to The Grove to do some window shopping. I had one thing in mind that I did want to buy from Sephora and I actually did. Now let me say, I was not having a bad day but I was a little down because I didnt have anything to do but lay in the bed until Terrance got off of work.

While I was at The Grove, my friend Kevin texted me asking me if I was in the area. He works at Sprinkles and I love it when he’s working and I’m there at the same time because that means I get free Sprinkles.

He told me to stop by to pick up some goodies and I rushed there with Terrance. When I got there, There was this new cupcake that I had not seen before. It was a season cupcake and OH GOD, it looked like heaven. It was a lemon maurine pie cup cake. I asked him If I could get that one and he looked at me as if it was not good. I didn’t care. it looked to good to not try.

20170426_164409.jpgAs we walked off with the box of sprinkles, we thanked him as if he had given us the keys to a brand new Tesla. We went towards the farmer’s market area and took a seat and there I went, face in to the beautiful sprinkle cupcake.

IMG_0688.jpgIt was by far a new taste like no other.

There was also some writing on the box that I had noticed before we opened it up.

20170426_165706.jpgI thought it was so sweet for Kevin to write us that note. Kevin is a really nice and friendly person and I am so glad that we are his friends. So yeah, Thats my story about some awesome cupcakes.

Have you had Sprinkle’s cupcakes before? Which one is your favorite?


Our Move To New York : Yay or Nay?

My stay in New York was very short lived. The fact that it was cold, like really cold, played the most part in why it did not work for Terrance and I to stay there. I was already set when we first moved to NY. I was interning at one of the most legendary recording studios on the east side, and I had a part time job to pay the bills. However, Terrance wasn’t that happy with New York.

Lets backtrack.

We knew we were moving to New York a couple months before, but we were still unsure if we were still going to move there. I had been working at this glorified Whole Foods and 7- Eleven mashup store for a couple of months and I had been really enjoying working there. But because I had lived in Atlanta for my whole life. It was time for something new. It was time to explore.

I ended getting a call from the studio saying that they wanted to hire me and wanted me to start the following month. I was beyond excited and I put in my two weeks notice the same day. Both Terrance and I was happy for the big move. Not so our family though. My mom took it kinda light but it was a different story for Terrance’s.

Fitting an Entire life in four luggage Bags

As you can imagine, we had to throw away so much stuff. And the things that we could not take with us, we had our family hold them and we would pick them up when we came back to visit another time. Terrance had the most to throw away. He had thousands of dollars worth of hair and products that he absolutely had trouble with getting rid of. He threw away a lot of stuff and was able to fit all he had in two suitcases. I just needed my laptop and my books. I wasn’t able to bring my violin with me but it wasn’t that much of a big deal considering the fact I barely touched it since high school.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.15.01 AM.png
Terrance and I packing to move to NY

The night before our flight, we stayed over our friend Tiffany’s house. She stays in the country of Atlanta called Fayettville. When I tell you we hate the country, we are not exaggerating. We stayed there for Terrance to say his final goodbye to Tiffany. That night I could not sleep. We woke up at like 5 in the morning to get ready for our 8 o’clock flight. As she was dropping us off at the airport she began to cry. She couldn’t believe that we were actually leaving. I was too sleepy for emotions so I was just like “BYE!”


This had been my first time on a plane and it was so scary for me to fathom. But I was not as scared as I though I would be. The flight was actually nice. There was a couple bumps on the way but not anything too scary. However, I hated the fact that my ears kept on popping. That annoyed me so much.

Arriving in New York

As the plane started to fly over New York, I thought “EW.” The sky was so gray and the buildings looked so old and tattered. It was not like what it looked like in all the movies. But I thought to myself, people did say it was a dirty place. When we landed, it was so cold. And it was super humid. Our first transaction was with the MTA machine and it was not a forgiving one. Were were trying to pay for a monthly pass so we wouldn’t waste our money in one day. Unfortuanelty, the machine did not take bills nor cards. Only coins. I was frustrated as we stood around for an hour trying to figure out what we were going to do. Fast forward, we were able to get on the bus to the nearest subway entrance.

As we were riding the bus, we were not impressed with what we were seeing. Nothing but old and abandon buildings.

We made it to the subway and we were told to take the 1. We got on the train and we realized we were on the wrong train. We needed to be on the 1 going Downtown. At the time it was the most confusing thing that could have ever been created. We finally made it to our room where we met with the landlord.

She broke down the rules for us quite clear and simple. She said, ” No drinking, smoking and running in and out after 11. You can not use the kitchen and you share a bathroom. Everyone must clean up after themselves and spray air fresher as well. By the way, rent is 300 a week due on Monday.” Then she closed the door.

It was too much for us to take in. We were not in love with NY and we didnt have a kitchen to cook out of. So you know what we did? We both laid on the bed and cried. We asked each other if we had made a bad decision.

We told each other we did not make a bad decision. We would work everything out.

First Day on the Job

The next day was work day for the both of us. We had no time to play around. Terrance transferred to a Sally’s in Brooklyn and I was at Quad Studios on Monday Wednesday and Fridays and every other day  was working at a coffee shop on the Upper West Side. I liked working with Quad Studios. It was really chill and laid back. I was able to work with a lot of artist including Mac Miller, Arianna Grande, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Migos, Dave East, and many more. My biggest moment was assisting for Corrieanne Bailey for a song she did for the Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack. My coffee job was boring as hell and I counted the minutes. I knew that that job was not going to last. Much like the rest of my jobs.

Terrance was a trooper. The travel time for him to get to work in Brooklyn was a little under two hours. We had learned that commuting on the subway was a regular thing to do as a New Yorker. But Terrance hated it and so did I. For that reason, We created a hate for Brooklyn. We wanted nothing to do with brooklyn on our off days.

Fun & Leisure

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.15.58 AM.png
Time Square
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.17.05 AM.png
Me at MOMA




We were really sucky New Yorkers because we didn’t go see all the tourist attractions. We thought that we would wait and take our time because after all, we were staying here. We went to the Museum of Modern Art which was a really cool Mueseum. They had a lot of weird exhibits but it was awesome. We also went through the Skyline. It was really beautiful. We also did a little shopping in Chelsea and Soho. Because my studio was in the heart of Time Square, I was in Time Square a lot and I loved it there the most. When you forget about the Tourists.

Dunken Donuts & Street Food

Somebody kill me for how many calories I consumed when I was in New York. I had Dunken Donuts every morning because I was always on the go and needed something quick. My usual was a Chai Tea Latte and a pink sprinkle donut. I ate almost three slices of $1 pizza every day because they were so cheap and so convenient. They were like on every block. And don’t even get me started on the Halel Food. This was heaven to me. The Halel Guys were Gods. I had never heard of such a thing. Chiken over rice and the white sauce? Oh GOD!!! I know for a fact that NY is to  blame for my current weight size now.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.16.22 AM
The Halal Guys

The Move

Although New York had began to grow on me, it wasn’t the same for Terrance and I could see it in his emotions through out the days. Things were getting better and we were on our feet but I too did not have a strong bond with NY. We eventually came to a mutual agreement that New York was not going to be the place that we would set up shop and spend the rest of our lives.

Terrance saw that I still kinda wanted to stay in New York and he was willing to stay for two years. I however, did not want to stay for us to move later. I was ready to be some where permanent and build. I asked him why don’t we move tomorrow. He was shocked at my decision. He though that I was playing but then he realized how serious I was. At the time we had used all of our money in New York and would have to wait for the next paycheck in order to put money down for a room somewhere else.


So right then and there we decided to just go ahead and book a flight to Los Angeles, California for the next day. It was quite ambitious but we are here now in LA and we do not regret it at all.


So, New York, is it a Yay or Nay?

New York is a mixture of Yay and Nay. Like one of my co workers told me at Quad Studios, NY is like a love hate relationship. You hate it somedays, and you love it like no other on the other days. I decided that I would want to only love NY. I love the city and all of its “unique” beauty. However, NY is a place I could be at small amounts of time. California is my home now and I look forward to building a future here with Terrance.

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